R74k Dior Drip- Andile Mpisane Birthday Celebration

Andile Mpisane the son of the famous MamMkhize left South Africa drooling as he celebrates his birthday wearing a R74k Dior Drip

Royal AM’s Andile Mpisane recently wowed us with his cool fit pics of the season as he celebrates his 22nd birthday.

But anyway what did you expect, where money lives Dip drips. What’s a birthday without a cake? It screams Royalty for the Royal prince it was gold and Black. I wouldn’t even know where to start cutting this cake, It’s just Beautiful.

Photo IG:@andilempisane10

Let’s now look at the R74K drip from Andile ‘s Instagram post

Mpisane’s Drip

This guy right here is actually a man with class who has always been attracted to luxury and when it comes to his clothing he makes sure to turn heads. Just like he did on his wedding day, this young man flexed another unreal Dior outfit.

This year it’s the piece from the Dior ERL Spring 2023 collection. a sky blue Dior by ERL short sleeve that is valued at around R22 997. Paired with white fitted jeans and another masterpiece of Blue Dior B9S Skater shoes

Worth around R51 753

It was a grand celebration indeed, I feel like each and every year is gonna be a much grander celebration. If you have the money you surely live the dream. I cant wait to see what outfit he well pul out next year.

This is MaMkhuze’s post :

she made sure to pour her heart out to show her love for her son on his special day