How to reverse money on Capitec?

The actions below must be followed in order to stop a payment from being made from your Capitec Bank account:

First, try doing it yourself here are the steps to take

1: You will need to Open your Capitec Mobile Banking App.

2: From the options listed, then select transact.

3: After that, click on Debit Orders. Enter your remote pin ( make sure no one knows your pin ).

4: Select the transaction whose money you want to reverse from your transaction history provided.

5: Give them a reason for reversing your money.

6: After Accepting the terms and conditions, then click submit.

But if you were unsuccessful in doing that yourself n need to worry. The is another way to reverse money on Capitec and this is how :

  1. Get in touch with Capitec Bank customer service. Capitec Bank offers live chat, email, and phone support around-the-clock. Both your account information and the specifics of the payment you wish to reverse must be provided.
  2. Provide the Payment Details: You must provide the payment details, including the date, time, amount, and the recipient’s account information, for the payment you wish to reverse.
  3. Ask for a Payment Reversal: After providing the payment information, you can ask for a payment reversed. The payment will be looked into by Capitec Bank to see if it may be revoked.
  4. Await comments from Capitec Bank. By comment, I mean feedback because it’s possible for the reversal to be unsuccessful.

I know you are stressed at the moment, but this is a common mistake. It could happen to anyone make sure to keep your pin private and always be safe. May the reversal be successful. Good Luck