Radio Host vs. Entrepreneur: The Heated Feud Between Sizwe Dhlomo and Vusi Thembekwayo

Radio host Sizwe Dhlomo and entrepreneur Vusi Thembekwayo are still in conflict, and the tension between them has escalated. Dhlomo criticized Thembekwayo’s lifestyle, and wealth and accused him of living a lie.

In response, Thembekwayo said

“I’ve got no respect for the guy, zero respect. To me, respect got nothing to do with money, but how you treat other people.”

After Dhlomo learned of the interview and was tagged on Twitter, he responded to the accusations, particularly the claim that he had targeted Thembekwayo’s children.

Dhlomo asked why Thembekwayo had not addressed the alleged comment about his children, stating that Thembekwayo knew where he worked. Dhlomo also made a joke about Thembekwayo’s recent divorce battle.

I am starting to think this will never end, here are the tweets from Sizwe Dhlomo:

And here are some of the comments about this situation