The High Court of Divorce: How a Prominent Gauteng Businessman’s Actions Led to Legal Consequences and Financial Obligations.

The businessman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, separated from his wife a few years ago and is thawing in the warm hands of his gorgeous YouTuber.

Ndamase was sent to Joburg High Court on Jan. 24 after she complained that she was driving her monster on the street her husband bought her as a gift years ago. At her wife got the order the court required her husband to return the Range Rover he had stolen from her wife within two days of the order being issued.

“Defendant must return the Range Rover Autobiography (2020 model) to Plaintiff within two days from the date of this order,” the order reads. The famous tycoon was also fined for paying for the maintenance and repair costs of the car and her other luxury vehicle, the Range Rover Sport.

He was also required to pay for his Range Rover Sport balloon to his BMW financial services within 30 days of his order date.

The entrepreneur was also ordered to pay R156,000 a month on the first day of each month for living expenses for his wife and children.

The order also stipulates that he will pay for his wife and children’s medical bills in private.

The entrepreneur also has to pay the rent and services, water and electricity for the rental property occupied by his wife and children. The injunction forced him to pay bail on the rental property where his wife and children live and more than R1.7 million in legal costs she suffered during the lawsuit.

“The defendant must pay the petitioner R1 716 083 legal fees within 14 days from the date of this order, which must be paid to the petitioner’s attorney’s escrow account.” I read the orders.

In court documents we saw, the woman said her husband ignored her repeated requests to return her car.